"Intelligent & highly presentable"website development center

  • "dooidea" A few words about us.

  • We are a dedicated team of specialists, working behind the scenes for several popular websites. One of our most popular achievements is an Open Source project, which you may have heard of and goes by the name of: "infoBoard". Find out more by doing a Google search.

  • We turn your Ideas into something unique

  • We are capable of realizing your concept by using the most advance and up to date programming languages and tools available today. Your will remain the sole owner of your project and we guarantee that each and every project of ours is unique. Every project we deliver is one of its kind and will not be used (not even partially) for any of our other clients. We are here to affirm your corporate identity by helping you distinguish from all the rest.

  • Sophisticated but easy to use

  • We are proud to say that we develop intelligent but also good looking websites. You will be able to access and make changes to almost 90% of its content. Very simple to manage and manipulate, without the need of any programming skills nor the necessity to download any software.

  • Take control into your hands and add the final touch

  • You will furthermore have the privilege to "test-drive" your website via our test center ("iamtester.com"). With this web-based tool, you can make any additional changes necessary and add your final touch before the website is launched.

  • Beautiful results for a demanding audience

  • Until you will finally approve our project, you will be entitled to as many reviews as necessary. After this, it will only take us up to 24 hours before it will be launched and fully operational for the world to see and admire. We will even monitor its performance for 1 year (at no additional cost).


"Your IDEA is our command" (IDEA realization experts). For more information about us or in order to have an extensive look at our portfolio, please mail to dooidea (at) gmail.com